The Artist

I practised dancing (ballet and modern dance) up to a professional level for many years. Later, while studying History of Art at University, I found myself really interested in sculpture.

I spend seven years training in a sculpture studio in Marseille. It allowed me to be acquainted with a great variety of materials and techniques, which gives me today a real freedom of creation.

So, I had to be attracted by the expression of movement in sculpture. And when I discovered contemporary calligraphy, I knew that was it, I could express it.

I really admired the works made by Hassan Massoudy, the signs that his hand outlines with a great freedom; he manages to give birth to volume, he tries and succeeds to play a game of colours which are more or less shadowed. Everything is movement, shape and sens.

Bearing his mind his calligraphies, although I got from them what I wanted to, and by putting them in three dimensions, I created the “KALLI”. These sculptures draw kinetic and harmonious lines in space, being always linked from an empty space to a full one, which always follows a musical rythm. The movement is present, it is both rooted to the ground and stretched towards the sky, in an incertain, open and fragile balance.

The “KALLI” are made from a metallic framework shaped with glass stuff and polyester resin. Resin makes the sculptures both light and solid.

* The word “Kalli” in indian language, means “moving poem”.